After-Sales Service
After-Sales Service
Precision Parts Machining

After-Sales Service

What's kinds of information you need for quote?

The production drawings can be sent in CAD, DXF, STEP, IGES, x_t and other formats, supporting the use of CAD, Soildwork UG ProE and other softwares.点击打开链接

How if the drawing tolerances can not guaranteed?

We will confirm the tolerance we can reach with the customer before the quotation. If the customer agrees to the tolerance adjustment, then we will make a quotation. If the machining process cannot guarantee the tolerance due to the force majeure technology, we will contact with the customer to discuss the solution in time.点击打开链接

What about the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on costs and profit?

We will deposit the foreign exchange in the bank without exchanging it,unless the rate exchange to recover or when it has a smaller impact. If the exchange rate fluctuates too much, for long term cooperative orders, we will negotiate with the customer.点击打开链接

How If you produced bad quality products after deliveried?

First of all, if the delivery is in time, our company will try our best and make the machining parts as soon as possible. The production fee for bad re-production is free, and the freight is also the responsibility of our company. If the deadline is too late, please ask the customer for help, the customer will repair it in Japan. Our company will only bear the amount of the customer's Invoice indication, and we will not be responsible for the addtional Invoice indication, We will try our best to reduce the rate of defective products to zero, and our goal is to ship all good products. At the same time, we will investigate the content of this defective product, investigate the responsibility, all the employees must participate in the defective product meeting to avoid the similar problems.