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How do we manage so much material?

1.There is no material in our warehouse.We purchase materials according to the part size after receiving the customer's order every time.2.After the material arrives at the company, the material supplier will attach the invoice.The staff will mark the material with a white pen.3.The warehouse management personnel of our company will check the types and sizes of materials according to the invoices, and attach the processing drawings to the materials.In this way, there is little possibility of getting the material wrong within the company点击打开链接

How to choose the material?

Our company's materials are selected according to the customer's drawing requirements.For example, when the customer gives us the drawings, we will confirm that we use our domestic materials.The customer will tell us whether it is feasible. The customer will express the material to us. Our company is processing the material, and the customer will deduct the material cost directly from the order.

Common problems in machining process

Machined workpiece has strict requirements on precision, shape and quality specification.Therefore, the design, selection and processing of machined parts must comply with scientific and reasonable requirements.For all kinds of workpiece processing problems, should be able to timely find and take effective solutions to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of processing problems, to ensure the yield of machined products.

Does every equipment has the regular checking and maintainess?

there are amount of funds being invested to introduce the world's most advanced equipments which maintained twice by original manufactures annually. We will settle down the issues in the bud due to we do a cautious work. for example, we will do check and maintainess work before operating and start if check result is well.

Do you have a way to get confidentiality for our drawings per the requirements in agreement?

Yes, Initially, we will control the using of the drawings and documents customers provided strictly, won't disclose to any third party. If some workflows of the item have to be helped by our other long-term cooperated factories, we will let our customers know and attempt to get the approval from our customers in advance. Secondly, all the documents you provided are keeped by the sales representative secretly who you contact with. It doen't allow to leaf through drawings and document without the permission. Finally, The customers information is confidential, if there is the customers' information shown on the drawings, our sales representatives will cover them with a blank. we name a group of letters as the customers's name and write it on our production drawings. So Others including the machinists won't recoginize the information of customers.

The packaging is too thick, could you make the packing thinner when you deliver the goods?

According to our years of experience, also for the customer's product can arrive safely, we think the current packing thickness is suitable. If the package is too thin, in the process of transportation, there is likely to be bump against. This will affect the delivery date of the customer. In addition, we use specially light air bubble film for packaging, the impact on package weight and shipping costs is also minimal. Before shipment, we should consider not only the problem of freight cost and the convenience of splitting after delivery, but also the security of product delivery.We have more than ten years' experience in transporting goods to and from Japan, please be assured that we have the ability to pack our products well. Of course, we are more willing to listen to your opinion, hoping to improve our delivery service capacity better.

How to arrange the working time of the workshop?

Usually, the factory is divided into two shifts. The first shift is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the second shift is from 5:00 pm to 1:30 am. If the work is very urgent, we will work overtime or even arrange three shifts.

How long can we get samples in a general way ?

It depends on your project, usually 10-20 days can deliver.