Learn advanced factory processing technology and management experience

Learn advanced factory processing technology and management experience


Dalian Zhongken Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city - Dalian, China.The transportation is very convenient.

Our company's main business is machine parts processing, mold parts, castings, sheet metal processing and export.And can provide casting, forging, stamping, sheet metal, precision machining, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment and a series of processing services.

Science and technology is not an independent element of productivity, but it can be condensed and permeated into each element of productivity, and turn into direct productivity.In today's world, the new technological revolution is developing rapidly, and the progress of science and technology is increasingly becoming a huge force driving social progress and productivity development.Therefore, science and technology is the first productive force from the correct understanding of the guiding effect on practice.

Answer: ① Correct understanding and scientific theory have a guiding effect on practice.In the great practice of China's socialist modernization drive, we must attach importance to the great role of scientific and technological progress and independent innovation in promoting economic and social development.

② The modern economy is a global competitive economy. Only by relying on the progress of science and technology can a competitive economic structure be formed.Science and technology and the ability of independent innovation have become the basis and key factors for measuring comprehensive national strength.

(3) The science and technology content of China's economic growth is still far lower than that of developed countries.With the development of economy, the growth of population and the improvement of living standard, the pressure on resources and environment in China is becoming more and more severe.The path of sustainable development must also rely on scientific and technological progress and innovation.Science and technology is also an important content and foundation of socialist cultural construction, and an important factor of modern national defense.We must raise our awareness of science and technology and place accelerating the pace of scientific and technological progress and innovation in a key position in our economic and social development.