6S Management System precision cnc machining suppliers

6S Management System precision cnc machining suppliers


Dalian Zhongken Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city - Dalian, China.The transportation is very convenient.

Our company's main business is machine parts processing, mold parts, castings, sheet metal processing and export.And can provide casting, forging, stamping, sheet metal, precision machining, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment and a series of processing services.

The Content of 6S Management System:

1S: SEIRI--Remove all unnecessary items; utilize all space flexibly; create refreshing working environment.

2S: SEITON—place essential items on set position and mark them accordingly meanwhile, so as to develop a comfortable working environment for staffs.

3S: SEISO-- Clean all invisible and visible corners with keeping stabilizing the quality of products and decreasing industrial pollution.

4S: SEIKETSU- Clean Producing environment and maintain 3S above

5S: SHITSUKE-Cultivate with good habit; follow regulation and discipline; create team work spirit

6S: Safety- Reinforce security education, work on the premise of safety.

(1) Improve corporate image: Clean and tidy working environment can attract customers and enhance confidence;

(2) Reduce waste: Due to the random placement of debris on the site, there is no place to pile up other things, which is a waste of space.

(3) Improve efficiency: Having a good working environment can make you feel happy;Things placed in order, can improve work efficiency, reduce handling operations.

(4) Quality assurance: Once employees develop the habit of doing things seriously and rigorously, the repair rate of their products will be greatly reduced and product quality will be improved.

(5) Safety guarantee: Keep the passageway unblocked and employees develop the habit of being serious and responsible, which will reduce production and non-production accidents.

(6) Improve equipment life: Timely cleaning, spot inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment can extend the life of the equipment.

(7) Cost reduction: Completing 6 S can reduce leakage and handling, so as to reduce costs.