Zhongkenjixie 2020 Family reunion

Zhongkenjixie 2020 Family reunion


Dalian Zhongken Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city - Dalian, China.The transportation is very convenient.

Our company's main business is machine parts processing, mold parts, castings, sheet metal processing and export.And can provide casting, forging, stamping, sheet metal, precision machining, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment and a series of processing services.

     Today is the happiest day for everyone in Zhongken Machinery.We greet the gathering of the mechanical family with joy.
As the company grew, so did our team.Under the leadership of the leadership, all the staff unite as one, work hard and make progress continuously.
Looking back on the past, all the staff worked together to complete each work successfully, won the recognition of more new customers, as well as the trust and support of old customers, made a major breakthrough.

In this sumptuous dinner, we spent a very happy and unforgettable night together, we are looking forward to the next reunion.Zhongken machinery looks forward to cooperating with you