precision cnc machining suppliers Zhongken machinery in the face of the epidemic has made adequate preparation for protection

precision cnc machining suppliers Zhongken machinery in the face of the epidemic has made adequate preparation for protection


Dalian Zhongken Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city - Dalian, China.The transportation is very convenient.

Our company's main business is machine parts processing, mold parts, castings, sheet metal processing and export.And can provide casting, forging, stamping, sheet metal, precision machining, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment and a series of processing services.


Since the outbreak

First of all, fight against the epidemic, protect themselves, protect employees, take employees as the center, and start the remote cooperative office mode;Second, return to work, connect with customers, focus on customers, carry out digital marketing, and strive to minimize the impact of the epidemic;Third, open source blocked, then throttle, reduce the cost to a minimum, grasp the cost management."Two centers and one cost" has become the focus and main activity of enterprises in fighting against the epidemic and resuming production.

The construction of an enterprise's digital capability involves the adjustment of its organizational structure, business model and other aspects. It is not just a word from the leader that should be followed.Building enterprise digitalization core capability mainly includes enterprise digitalization infrastructure construction, digitalization application, big data analysis, etc.Compared with traditional infrastructure such as computing, storage and network, digital infrastructure covers new IT technology capabilities such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain, which are widely supplied through platformization.Digital intelligent applications run on the digital infrastructure, through intelligent cloud ERP as the core of digital intelligent applications to form a process management means, to ensure the orderly implementation of the strategy;This enables large-scale insight and intelligent decision making, as well as mobile collaboration.

The impact of the epidemic will eventually end, but the socio-economic impact will continue for some time to come.During the epidemic period, Zhongken Machinery has been cooperating closely with the call of the government since the outbreak of the epidemic, hoping that people all over the world will conquer the epidemic together soon.