CNC system and CNC machining parts trend

CNC system and CNC machining parts trend


Development trend of numerical Control system.

Development trend of numerical Control system. 
Adopt open structure: in-line, networking, special requirements. 
To intelligent development: with automatic programming, fuzzy control, learning control, adaptive control, 
automatic generation of process parameters, three-dimensional tool compensation, dynamic compensation 
of motion parameters, very friendly man-machine interface, fault expert diagnosis system. 

Development trend of CNC Machine tool. 
High speed, high efficiency, high precision and high reliability. 
Modular, specialized, personalized; intelligent, flexible and integrated.

The CNC machining center of flexible manufacturing system ((Flexible Manufacturing System-FMS) with automatic
 tool changer ((Automatic Tool Changer-ATC) is the hardware foundation of flexible manufacturing and the basic
 level of manufacturing system. 
The subsequent flexible manufacturing cell ((Flexible Manufacturing Cell-FMC) is a higher-level flexible manufacturing
 system, which is generally composed of machining center machine tools and Automated Work-piece Changer-AWC 
accompanying pallet (pallet) or industrial robots, as well as automatic detection and monitoring technology and equipment. All kinds of machining can be realized.